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Monday December 17, 2007

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Thomas and Mary Pickles are my Great-Great-Great-Grandparents.

It is known from the 1841 census return that Thomas was from Lancashire and Mary from Yorkshire.  However, parish records indicate that were at least four Thomas Pickles whom married a Mary in the area.  Matching up various parish marriage and christening records (from the IGI database) we get:

  1. Colne family:  Thomas (b. ~1794) married Mary about 1813 in Colne.   Christening records show John (c. 4 Dec 1814), Margaret (c. 22 Sep 1816), Mary Ann (c. 18 Oct 1818), William Cockshutt (c. 24 Dec 1820), Robert Valentine (c. 24 Jun 1823), Sarah (c. 13 Jun 1824), Edward Whitehead (c. 21 Aug 1825), and Sarah Emma (c. 5 Nov 1826).  The family then moved to Bingley, where Alice (c. 22 Nov 1829), Whitley (c. 18 Sep 1831), Dineley (c. 1 Jan 1832), Caroline (c. 25 Aug 1833) where christened.

  2. Haworth family: Thomas married Mary Shackleton 7 Mar 1812 in Keighley.  Christening records show Ruth (c. 10 Mar 1813), Maryann (c. 22 Mar 1815), John (c. 30 Jun 1817), Hannah (c. 14 Apr 1819), Thomas (c. 1 Jul 1821 in Keighley), Mary (c. 31 May 1824) and presumably christened later, Joseph and Benjamin (c. 13 Apr 1834).

  3. Bingley family 1: Thomas (b. ~1790 from Bingley) married Mary Smith on 15 Aug 1815 in Bingley.  Christening Records show: Elizabeth (c. 2 Jun 1816), Thomas (c. 31 Jan 1819).

  4. Bingley family 2: Thomas married Mary Whitley on 18 Mar 1823 in Bingley.  Presbyterian records show: Alice (b. 23 Nov 1823, c. 28 Nov 1824) and Ann (b 22 Dec 1826, c. 4 Jun 1827), Walker (c. 28 Aug 1836).  This family were together in Morley, Bradford during the 1841 census.

My ancestors, the Colne family (1 above) are split over two parish records.  There are several facts that tie together family (1) christening records from Colne and Bingley, namely:

  1. There is no other Bingley IGI parish marriage record for Thomas and Mary

  2. Sarah Amy recorded her place of birth as both Bingley (1851, 1861) and Colne (1871, 1881)

  3. Brothers, Thomas and William were living at the Wellington Inn in 1841

  4. William C, Robert V, Sarah Amy, Alice, Dineley and Caroline are living together in 1841

  5. Sarah's daughter Jane Smith was staying with her uncle Robert in 1871

  6. Caroline (unmarried) was living with Robert and his family in 1851

  7. Thomas's wife was Zilpha, a very unusual name!  Caroline named her daughter Zilpha.

Thomas Pickles

Thomas was born in Yorkshire, probably Marley, Bingley, about 1786.  In 1841 he was recorded as a Wood Cutter, aged 55, from Yorkshire, and living at Marlow.

Note: Marlow is an alternate name for Marley

Parish records show a Thomas Pickles, son of Thomas and Mary Walsh, born in Marley on 17-May-1784 and Christened in Bingley 13-Jun-1784. This is just too much of a coincidence.  Thomas must have moved to work in Colne, where he met and married Mary.  Then as the family grew, they returned to his home hamlet of Marlow (i.e. Marley), Bingley in about 1827/8.

Thomas Married Mary about 1913 in Colne, and they had their first 8 children born and christened there.  All the christening records all show Thomas Pickles and Mary as their parents.

Thomas Pickles, the oldest child, was the only not christened. In 1841 Thomas and Zilpah (unmarried) were both servants at Town Hill House, Bradford (near Wakefield Road) serving Francis and Mary Duffield. Also working there was George Wood (possible father of Thomas) and Emma Whitaker (probable younger sister of Zilpha). They married in 1846 and by 1851 were running the Wellington Inn, Bingley. Brother William was lodging with them along with 7 year old nephew, Thomas Wood. They moved to Leeds, Thomas working as a Pork Butcher with nephew Thomas assisting in 1861 and 1871.

John Pickles was christened on 4 Dec 1814 in Colne.  John may have married Sarah Ellis on 13 Oct 1833 in Colne. However, there are 3 or 4 other John Pickles from Colne christened within 2 years of John, so its not possible to prove this.  There are no other known ties between John and the family

Margaret Pickles was christened on 22 Sep 1814 in Colne.  Margaret (or Mary Ann) may have married and had a son Thomas Wood, and died shortly after.  Thomas was brought up by his uncle Thomas.

Mary Ann Pickles was christened on 18 Oct 1818 in Colne.  She probably married (or else died) before the 1841 census.

Robert Valentine Pickles, left home before 1841 to work as a Blacksmith's apprentice in Colne.  He must have soon left and became a weaver, and married Hannah Smith in Ottley, Leeds on 12 Nov 1848.  He described his father as a "Woodman".  In 1851 Robert, Hannah, son Edward, sister Caroline, and lodger Joseph Smith ware living in their parents family home in Marlow, Bingley, but by 1861 had moved North a few miles to 6&7 Coffin Row, Eastburn, Kildwick & Steeton.

In 1841, Thomas and Mary are living in Marlow, Bingley with William Cockshot, Edward Whitehead, Sarah Amy, Alice, Dineley and Caroline Pickles (all shown below).

William Cockshot Pickles had moved to the Wellington Inn with brother Thomas and Zilpha by 1851 before he married Mary Ickerman on 28 Dec 1852.  He described his father Thomas as a labourer and described himself as a comber on his marriage certificate, but was working as an agricultural labourer in 1841 and 1851 before becoming a mason's labourer in 1861 and then a general labourer in 1871.  He continued to live in Bingley until his death in 1884.

Edward Whitehead Pickles, christened 21 Aug 1825 in Colne, was a cotton weaver in 1841.  He died young in the summer of 1847, aged only 22.  The death was indexed as "Edward Whitehead Pighills".  He never married.

Sarah Amy Pickles, a cotton spinner, married Henry Smith on 2 Oct 1848.  She descried her father as a labourer.  Sarah and Henry lived in Marlow Brow in 1851, but had moved to Lime Kiln Lane (Crossflatts) by 1861.  Henry Smith died and Sarah Amy remarried John Foulds.  She then descried her father as a "Woodman".  Sarah and John continued to live in Henry's house at Lime Kilns.  Sarah remained in Crossflatts beyond 1901, and died at her daughters home (of "Senile Decay") in Tranmere, Birkenhead on 28 June 1907.

Alice Pickles was born in Bingley in 1829.  She is believed to have married Moses Briggs, a power-loom weaver, in the Summer of 1850.  The marriage was probably in Bingley, but is registered in the district of Keighley.  She lived in Bingley most of her married life, and died there in 1906, aged 78.

Dineley Pickles, born 1831, was christened in Bingley on 1-Jan-1832.  His birthplace is given in both 1861 and 1871 as Morley, Leeds, but this is more likely to be Marley. Maybe the enumerator assumed he meant the small town south of Leeds, not the 9-house hamlet near Keighley.  He married Margaret Boocock in 1855 who died in 1871.  He quickly remarried Jane Crawford on 16 Oct 1871, describing his father as a labourer.  Dineley worked for a while as a fruiterer, which his wife took over, before becoming a coal miner by 1871.  He died in 1880.

Caroline Pickles was christened in Bingley on 25 Aug 1833.  After her mother died, Caroline lived with brother Robert and family in 1851.  Caroline married William Medley, a widower with 5 children, 17 years older than her, on  on 15 Jan 1959 at the ripe old age of 26.  They went on to have three more children including twins Robert and Zilpha in 1866.  During their married life, they lived in several houses in Crossflatts, just across the main road from Marlow (or Marley).  Caroline died in 1904.

Mary died in 1845 and it assumed that by 1851 Thomas had also died.  Robert and Caroline were in the family house in Marlow, and Sarah Amy (now married to Henry Smith), was at Marlow Brow, just up the path from Marlow.

Mary Pickles

Mary was born in Lancashire, probably Colne about 1789.  Unfortunately, we don't know her family name, but have eliminated Mary Shackleton (2), Smith (3) and Whitley (4) all whom married other Thomas Pickles's.

In 1841 she was recorded as Mary Pickles (wife) from Lancashire and aged 52 years old.  None of her children's christening records show her maiden name.  Even if we assume she was from Colne, there were 41 Mary's christened in Colne between 1788 and 1789, so there's little chance of finding out who she was.


Mary came to an untimely end at Marlow on the 13th January 1845, aged 56 years.  The cause of death was "Accidentally burnt".  We was recorded as "Wife of Thomas Pickles", so presumably Thomas was still alive then.  The death was informed by the deputy coroner of Halifax, Chas Cadwell, on the 1st February 1845 so presumably there was some form of inquest, but why at Halifax!  The death was recorded at Bingley by their registrar, Edward Sutcliff.


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